Learning Curve #6 – Perspective

A mind-bending adventure into perspective

Once I discovered, what I now know to be called, pointillism (this is what happens when you don’t have an education in art, you just do things without even knowing what they are), I was on fire with a new found motivation. I felt like I was well on the way to finding my own style. But the elation was short lived and after weeks of half finished projects I started to feel like something was missing. I’d hit a dip again.

Conquering the dip to find inspiration

I stared at my bits and pieces of work, hoping the missing piece would jump out and hit me in the face. When this passive method was less than successful I decided to retreat to my old pal, Pinterest for some inspiration. A skilled I learned from my time working at UK marketing agency, Brass is that the best ideas often come when you’re not even thinking about them – just like how you remember where something is that you’ve lost, only when you stop looking for it. This is why I especially love mid-art naps. As it happened, browsing through Pinterest provided the perfect escape for my brain, it stopped looking for ‘what is my art missing’ and just started enjoying things that look pretty. While perusing the Pantone Pinterest board I came across the above image of a gem by Ana Montiel and it sent my brain into a whir of activity. My conscious had made a link, somehow, between this picture and the memory of and article I’d read months ago on 3 point perspective. Bazinga!

Practicing with three point perspective grids

I quickly embarked on a Google search for 3 point perspective, reading, watching and scribbling for hours.

I found some downloadable, pre-made perspective grids here at 2d-digital-art-guide.com, but I found them very restricting to use. I found it hard to see past the predefined lines, so I tried a different approach with the images below. Here I followed this video tutorial from ID Creatures which shows you how to make a grid as you go, to suit the image you’re drawing.

perspective practice

The only time I’ve ever felt this mentally exhausted was after a 3 hours written Psychology exam at college – but it was satisfying, it felt good to feel the corners of my brain being dusted out with new ideas and skills. Fueled by the stoke factor I continued on, despite the arrival of friends at my house (who I ignored, sorry) and having being sat at my drawing table now for over 8 hours. I just had to apply it to a finished image. I decided to stick with a pretty simple, geometric image as to not overload myself with work, so I chose a piece of west cost inspiration, the Inukshuk and quickly created a perspective grid.

3 point perspective grid

The finished image

This is the final render of my first three point perspective image.



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