Inspiration – Love colour but afraid to use it in your art?

Me too. I think my problem is that I love colour too much. I always get so excited and try to use all of my favourite colours in one single image, and as a result it never looks cohesive.

Since being a child I’ve never been afraid to express myself with colour, whether in my hair, clothes or in my home, so to be so very useless at colour in my artwork is a very strange feeling. But, after seeing these nice geometric ‘Crystal Animals’ illustrations by artist Ooli Mos, it gave me an idea to strip back my colour use and really boil it down to just one colour at a time and practice creating definition with different shades and tones of that one colour.

crystal animalscrystal animals 2crystal animals 3

I think I’m going to borrow this technique soon, and try and apply to colour what I know about shade and tone with black and white images. I’ll share my progress and tools in a blog post soon.

You can see more Ooli mos artwork on their FB profile here.


One thought on “Inspiration – Love colour but afraid to use it in your art?

  1. Wow, i love these polygon-esque drawings. It reminds me a Russian guys’s art, aske of sicksystems. So cool that you’re writing about your process, too. I hear you on the color thing. It’s almost more fun to limit yourself and then add colors one at a time. It’s such a bonkers learning process, I get hot with envy when I see people who are really good at “color theory”

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