Inspiration – Single Colour Images

Here are some more examples I’ve found across the internet of artwork using only single colours. I have to say, I’m really starting to fall in love with the simplicity.  My urge to use ever colour in my pallet is definitely dying.

If you too love colour but have ever felt overwhelmed, please share in the comments section any tips or tools that helped you on your journey.

skull girls3skull girls2

Skull Girls Part 1. by Gearrel Saunders 


One thought on “Inspiration – Single Colour Images

  1. A thing I always try to remember to do is to start out in grayscale / black & white. It’s like oil painting where you lay down tones of burnt umber or whatever with paint thinner on top of your pencil sketch, and then wipe out the light parts with paper towel. I make all my shapes / lines and then get them looking nice in relation to each other, and then start adding one color at a time.

    These above look great in monochrome, if they were colored realistically it might feel overdone, or like something in Juxtapoz from the 90’s… so it shows that the artist in their restraint and ability to not overdo it is pretty smart about style…

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