Road to Submisson – State of the Art #1

Creating a concept

With Thomas having a background in motion graphics and 3D and myself with my obsession with science and art, it didn’t take us long to happen upon a starting ground for our first collaboration.

I don’t believe in sitting down for ‘drawing time’ or ‘ideas time’ and hoping that inspiration will hit me in the 3 hours I’ve set aside that day. I find that the best way to really take advantage of inspiration is to just best prepare yourself for when it does hit.

Inspiration for me comes in many forms, laughing with friends about a stupid joke, sleeping and filtering the days events, watching TED talks on random subjects not remotely related to art, so when an idea hits me I have to be ready to start work right away. Or at the very least scribble it down on a piece of paper or write it down in my notes on my iPhone.

You’re never more motivated that in the initial few moments of a new idea

Take advantage of it. Put everything down and grow that idea, even if it’s calling your friend (in my case it’s always Tom, at usually inappropriate times) to put plant the seed in another head so it can grow while you’re busy.

Start a brain farm to grow ideas

Ideas grow exponentially to the amount of brains involved, they’re viral and language is their transportation. Like when rendering a giant 3D landscape in Cinema 4D sometimes you need more than one computer – a render farm. Ideas need the same thing, if you can’t focus all your attention on your idea because you’re working or it’s just not a good time, share out the load to other brains. Preferably brains you trust. Two brains working subconsciously on an idea for a day is better than one brain fighting between what it should be doing at work and what it wants to do, which is focus on your awesome idea. That’s just stressful and tiring.

The product of the brain farm

low poly wire frame

Wireframe of the upper body of the low poly bear

low poly bear for tonal value

Black bear with 3 point lighting and global illumination to highlight tone for me to start the pointillism


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