Science: Who wouldn’t want to work with spiders?

In an attempt to encourage everyone to explore beyond their own field or area of interest, I’ve started a section of my blog called ‘Cross-Pollination’. Here you will find the day’s, week’s, month’s and year’s most interesting examples of cross-discipline thinking.
To start off, here is an article combining the fields of zoology and medicine.
Science: Who wouldn’t want to work with spiders?
Fritz Vollrath’s pioneering studies of spider’s silk promise to deliver huge medical benefits in everything from knee replacements to heart transplants. You can read the full article here at The Guardian Website.
When asked why he is so interested in spiders, Fritz replied:
“Here is a creature which, according to its size, can build from its own body a structure on the scale of a football pitch overnight, every night, and can catch the equivalent of an aeroplane in it. Why would you not want to study how it did that?”
This superb diagram shows you just how sophisticated the spiders silk production really is. It surprises me that it’s only recently that we’ve realised there is potential for this type of material in other fields such a medicine.

spiders silk

You can read the full article on The Guardian website, here. Go on, it’ll might just be the most informative 15 minutes of your day!


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