The Road to Submission

The Collective Conscious has started its first project, combining the wonders of 3D modelling and character rigging with the old school techniques of pointillism and the new school style of low poly rendering.

I’m working with the very talented Mr Thomas Wood, who also happens to be my boyfriend and partner in crime.

The deadline

We’re super excited about this collab, it’s the first time myself or Thomas have worked together on an Illustration and we will be submitting the final pieces for exhibition at State of the Art  at this years Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler.

The exhibition is in April and the deadline for submission is in 4 weeks, so we’ve got a lot to do.

I want to keep posting our progression from very early ideas right through to final concept.

Have any good ideas?

In the interest of keeping true to the Collective Conscious, we welcome all constructive criticism, tips, tools and ideas to be shared in the comments box below each post.

Thank you and we’re stoked to be working with you all!


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