The Unexpected – Low Poly Illustrations and Statues

The Unexpected is the first series of work from The Collective Conscious. The series was created as a submission for the State of the Art exhibition at Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, BC.

Collaborating artists are Illustrator Victoria Farrand and 3D modeller Thomas Wood.
The Unexpected is a series of three hand-rendered pointillism illustrations and three 3D printed, low poly statues (we will post images of the statues when we get the final pieces). The work is heavily influenced by how the wisdom of past generations can be combined with the technology of new generations to produce extraordinary new ideas.
We hope you enjoy it, please visit my Behance profile and ‘appreciate this’ if you do!

11.Statues. Fear of the Unknown, Young and Foolish, Stay Curious

8.Fear of the Unknown, 10in x 28in, $240

5.Stay Curious, 7in x 13in, $95

1. Young and Foolish, 10in x 8in, $150

5 thoughts on “The Unexpected – Low Poly Illustrations and Statues

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