Learning Curve #9 Origami Mountains

I’ve been really inspired by handmade design elements recently, particularly in things that are typically digital like photography and poster deign. After seeing this handmade poster project by LAUS my brain set to work and instantly remembered that my boyfriends brother had sent us a 5 minuet origami kit for Christmas, and I was off.

I spent hours folding and unfolding, creasing and cutting and finally figured out how to make a fully origami mountain. I used this template below, found at and Egyptian Museum of all places, that’s actually for an origami Egyptian pyramid!

Origami mountain template

Original image found here.

It’s pretty fiddly to make at first, but it only takes 3 or so for you to get the hang of it. It’s super simple, I really encourage you to have a go – they’re bright and fun. Make some for your house, office desk or kids room.


I’ve been using 25cm x 25cm super basic origami paper and they look awesome. If you want to make bigger ones you can just buy a pack of letter/A4 sized rainbow coloured paper and cut it into squares. When you’re doing them that big, the paper can me thicker because it doesn’t have to crease as finely as smaller ones.

My origami mountains

So, this was my first attempt! I’m so happy, I love the shape, the texture, the colours, the shadows. It’s almost low poly, like my illustrations, which you can see here. The hardest part was making the snow. I had to make a tiny origami mountain and then cut it into points so that it sits nicely on top and then glue the edges together to stop they splaying apart. It’s tough to be so accurate with the glue on something so small, but I found using and unfolded paperclip works quite well.

origami mountain test 1

After such success I was spurred on to try and create a few more of various colours and sizes.

origami mountains tes 6

My plan from here now is to create a whole mountain scene using 20-30 of these mountains, photograph it, touch it up in photoshop and then enter it as a snowboard design for the Red Bull & Endevour Snowboards TopSheet Competition that closes on March 31st.

If anyone has any experience making this sort of thing please share any thoughts or tips as a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think or see any success you’ve had with a similar project.

Wish me luck!


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