Contact & Info

This is me, Victoria!


I am the founder of The Collective Conscious, a gathering of creative minds based in Whistler, BC, Canada.
We’re a group of artists who believe one brain is never enough and that the cross-pollination of disciplines and culture is where the heart of creativity lies. We are painters, illustrators, 3D modellers, interior designers, motion graphics designers, architects, product designers, software developers and most of all we are just big nerds.

All comments, suggestions, thoughts, emails, hand-written letters and cakes are appreciated!

Legal mumbo:

All views expressed here are mine and mine alone, I do not speak on behalf of the rest of The Collective Conscious, past, present or future.


2 thoughts on “Contact & Info

  1. Hi Victoria!

    I’m really interested in some of your artwork and would love to get in touch with you to see if we could collaborate. I think I have a project for you if your interested. Please email me!

    Best regards

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